New at the library

As a proud grandmother of four, I have come to enjoy so many of the picture books we have here at the library. My grandchildren love the pictures and the stories and sometimes we read them what seems like one hundred times before we have to take them back.

“I Like Old Clothes” by Mary Ann Hoberman was newly re-illustrated. This is a very whimsical book full of imagination, wonder and just plain fun. A little girl and her brother being and doing so many fun things with hand me down clothes. The illustrations are fantastic and add so much to the story. What imagination old clothes can produce and what adventures and sights they can experience. Who knew?

For the kids interested in dinosaurs, Julie Middleton’s book, “Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?” is a very funny book. A little boy who just may know more about dinosaurs then his father gives him credit for. It has a great surprise ending and nudges parents to value listening to what their children say. The pictures and illustrations make the book come alive.

Another book full of fun, giggles and silliness is the book, “Those Darn Squirrels Fly South”, by Adam Rubin. The illustrations are so colorful and truly add to the excitement of this book. The squirrels want to know where the birds go when they fly south and what do they do. The squirrels invent flying machines to follow the birds. Even Old Man Fookwire gets curious.

There are also some fantastic books that teach lessons in subtle ways and sometimes more obvious ways and books that help kids get through some tough times they might be going through. “Monday, Wednesday, and Every Other Weekend”, by Karen Stanton is a great book for those children who are caught in the middle so to speak when their parents divorce. The author has a gentle way of creating a story that might help children in similar circumstances.

Another thought-provoking book is “Each Kindness”, by Jacqueline Woodson. This book actually pulled on my heart strings. This book has a powerful message that will stay with the readers for a long time after closing the book. Find out how and why Chloe finds out the hard way that each kindness makes the whole world a little better. It’s about lost opportunities and I really enjoyed this book a lot. This book could help someone not miss those really wonderful opportunities.

“This Moose Belongs to ME”, by Oliver Jeffers, is well illustrated and fitting for around here since it is about a moose. It deals with a thought-provoking story about whether any of us ever really owns anything and the lessons learned. It is very funny and will make your child giggle out loud and in the end, maybe just maybe we will all get the hint that nothing is truly ours.

And last, but not least, a very timely book about bullying. The book, “Freda Stops a Bully”, by Stuart J. Murphy, is one of many of the author’s “I See I Learn” books. This book will give your child more confidence and give them a happier outlook on dealing with bullying in their school or neighborhood. It is written for grade school children and has great pictures and very easy and simple helps for kids today. It is a small book, but packed with a powerful message for both the bully and the victim. There are other books of his on other topics too. Well worth a trip to the library.

By Nicki Malave

Information Technology Dept.