Service appreciated

To the Journal editor:

I had frozen water pipes when I woke up March 20 and I called the city of Ishpeming at 10:15 a.m. and I was very impressed that the gentlemen from Lindbergs showed up and got the water running.

I thought I would have to wait for days but they were here by 2:30. I was amazed that they had the time. They did an awesome job and were very professional and did a great job.

There were three guys and I only know one of the guys name: Pete Bertucci. But they explained so much about the water freeze that I didn’t know but after they explained it now I know what to do.

Hey, thanks again to the city of Ishpeming and the Lindberg staff for helping me out. A person does not know what they are missing until they don’t have it. Wonderful staff!

Leanna Bray