Retribution a fear

To the Journal editor:

You know what strikes me as odd out here at K.I. Sawyer is there is almost always something big coming our way.

Green aviation scrapyard, the rehabbing of the barracks that we were told years ago a client would replace the stripped plumbing and use the structures.

That bio pellet plant, I seldom see any vapor coming from the silver stack. And to even be mentioned as a hospital site is just plain ridiculous. MGH has 48.1 acres bordering 554 according to the plat book. Was it ever mentioned as a possible site? No.

Everything’s a mystery in this county,especially out here. Drone facility for testing? These companies would have to deal with the county or Telkite and that might be where potential deals would die.

We have a pit on county land north of Potlatch, that we were told is for calcium chloride and it has a remarkable resemblance to a leachate evaporation pond and add to that, who got the bid to haul leachate? And where do they haul it? Nothing in the paper.

And speaking of waste, and the recycling of. I bring two loads to Forsyth a year. Plastic, metal and paper. Now in Sands they have two dumpsters, one for plastic, metal and glass the other for paper and cardboard. Do they truck it to Escanaba to be sorted? Because they’re having cost problems being they have to sort.

It was in the paper, I clipped it out and am recycling that information. I’m a good citizen and contrary to the thought by some that I bring on disgrace to all, I’m your canary in the cage, your point man so to speak.

I watch the mechanical in a medical way,input/output,thus the “I and O” over your bed when you got problems.

Water problems up the wazoo starting at the West End to Superior,from Big Bay to Escanaba.

Several months ago, I happened upon three unsuspecting marine biologists at a bar and got to talking to them. I asked them why didn’t some entity jump on the Asian carp migration 40 years ago? To some, I suppose I seem disjointed with thinking, but when you have lived with Frankenstein’s monster for 14 years, you get to know its nuances.

If this prints, I can almost guarantee some sort of retribution, not quite as bad as Karen Silkwood, but something.

William Lullo

K.I. Sawyer