Congrats to Miners

To the Journal editor:

I have had the privilege to drive the Negaunee boys basketball team downstate for the last three years in a row.

Coach O’Donnell, all the other coaches and Athletic Director Burnett what an awesome team you helped build for Negaunee.

I know for a fact that basketball isn’t the only thing you’ve taught these young men, as I had the chance to interact with the team and witness the encouragement and direction you’ve given them first hand.

Oh and don’t forget the cheerleaders. My thoughts go to the cheerleader I encountered doing her homework in the hallway at the Hampton Inn in Lansing at 7 a.m.. in the morning as I walked by to go to breakfast!

Congratulations to the team for a season well done and to the coaches (including the cheerleader coach) for helping to form such fine young adults.

Michael Jon Wickstrom