Questions posed

To the Journal editor:

Gas prices in this state and especially in Marquette County have gone through the roof again in a ridiculous, greedy way for no reason that I can figure out.

I’ve been harping on this subject for years. I’ll go through it once more.

Gas prices are based solely on three things: State taxes, delivery costs and most important, the cost per-barrel of oil.

The first two are fixed costs pretty much and the last fluctuates like the weather but be that as it may, it’s pretty simple to keep track of as I have been doing for the last six years.

I say simple because all one has to do is mark the oil price down on one side of the ledger and the price of gas that day on the other side and after 6 years of this data I’ve developed a chart that doesn’t lie.

If oil in 2008 was $94 a barrel and gas was $2.80, why in 2010 at $94 a barrel gas was gas $3.10 and why in 2014 oil at $94 a barrel, gas is $3.70 a gallon? I’d just like a brief explanation from someone.

Price gouging comes to mind as a prevalent reason or opinion of many whom have written previous editorials. I personally believe its not only price gouging but greed.

The Upper Peninsula Petroleum Association runs the show so whoever runs that organization, please explain to me why you inform all the gas stations at once to raise its prices for no valid reason?

I just want to know why in 2008 oil, at say $94 a barrel and gas was $2.80 a gallon, why in 2014 under the same circumstances gas is $3.70 a gallon?

I think most people get my point but don’t bother contacting our attorney general cause even though this administration promised a close eye on price gouging your complaint will fall on deaf ears.

In closing, the price of oil on March 14 has dropped $9 a barrel, what are you waiting for (to) drop your gas prices or give us a valid reason why you can’t. I really don’t think you can. Remember people, elections are coming up.