Skills in demand

To the Journal editor:

If you are a born and bred Yooper, then you are probably part Finnish, Swedish, Cornish or Italian or at least know somebody who is.

The Upper Peninsula has been a settling ground for many immigrants to call home; to start careers and raise families. Gov. Rick Snyder is trying to take a page out of our own handbook by pushing to allow 50,000 more visas for skilled immigrants along with an “Office for New Americans,” which would act as a centralized office for immigrants to pass through. Snyder is attempting to bring in people or immigrants where we as Michiganders have failed.

This push for skilled immigrant workers will not only help our failing cities, but it will also allow for more job opportunities, educational advances, and better cultural awareness for ourselves and our children. We currently have multiple cities in Michigan that are in need for desperate repair.

Snyder is proposing we take a look at what we have done in the past, as this is not a new idea by any means. We all want the same outcomes; to have a thriving state with cities that grow and challenge the rest of the world.

As a Yooper, I take pride in what the U.P. has to offer and all of the perseverance and dedication our ancestors have put in to make our hometown what it is today. I believe that this could be a cornerstone for Michigan again, advancing our cities to where they should be and what we as Michiganders deserve.

Great workers with extraordinary ideas are out there. We just have to let them in.