Film work at Sawyer will help showcase area

The Marquette County Board agreed to a license agreement this week, which will allow a film production company to film parts of its post-apocolyptic movie at K.I. Sawyer late this year.

We’re glad to see Marquette County officials agreeing to work with the company in allowing the two weeks of local filming. The producers expect to use some locals in the production of the “Northstar” feature, which will also be filmed in parts of Dickinson County.

Brothers Seth and Nathan Anderson, who grew up in Iron Mountain, and Jason Hagen, a friend from Chaska, Minn., said the idea for their movie came from a 30-minute short script Seth Anderson wrote in 2004.

The film is about survivalists eking out an existence after a mysterious cataclysm has killed most of the residents of North America in a single day.

“Northstar focuses on a young father in this group as he seeks out a means of waking his daughter from a coma that is somehow linked to the tragedy,” the movie’s synopsis states. “One morning, a strange woman emerges from the forest claiming she knows how to revive the man’s child, but this visitor has been followed by a ruthless military force that will stop at nothing to secure a secret that is locked away in her mind.

Lines are drawn, loyalties tested and a battle for the future of a country is waged in the northern woods.”

The main filming locations for the movie are the main street, schools and surrounding areas in Iron Mountain. Sawyer Director of Operations Steve Schenden said the airport at Sawyer will be used for interior scenes, including, one or more hangar bays and a two-story office. This production will allow Marquette County to be shown off to a wider audience and may result in future film projects in the area.

The movie will film at Sawyer for about two weeks starting Dec. 1.

We think this is a good idea and we’re pleased the county does too.