Ad misleading

To the Journal editor:

Most of us don’t pay much attention to political ads. Correct? Recently a very compelling ad appeared featuring a Dexter, woman, Julie Boonstra pleading, “Without my medication, I will die.” Even I paid attention.

Who or what is to blame for this travesty? Answer/ The affordable Care Act, the monster dictator Obama and Gary Peters, a Michigan Rep. running for an open senate seat. Gasp, what can we do to save her from the grasp of these evil Democrats? Oops, watch more closely.

The small print says the ad is sponsored by “Americans For Prosperity.” Wait a minute, is that the front of the Koch Brothers that realistically is “Americans for the 1 percent?”

But Julie’s plea seems so sincere. Maybe we/somebody should look for more evidence about her emotional claims. The Detroit News and Blue Cross Rep. Andy Hetzel did just that. It’s true, no, not what Julie claims, but what the A.C.A. hoped would happen for Americans.

In fact her new coverage is better, cheaper, and with her same doctor. Her response after the alert skeptics told her the good news; Julie said, “It can’t be true, I don’t want to believe it.”