Death of gray wolf by pellet wasn’t likely preventable

It’s a shame that a female gray wolf died as a result of being shot with a pellet gun.

But at a glance the circumstance, which occurred very recently, doesn’t appear to be criminal in nature.

Here’s the story’s background, as reported by The Associated Press.

A gray wolf that fled Isle Royale National Park across a Lake Superior ice bridge and was found dead on the mainland had been shot with a pellet from an air gun, officials said Friday, stated AP.

The 5-year-old female was nicknamed “Isabelle” by researchers who monitor wolves and moose on the island park, said AP.

At first, because there were no visible wounds, officials thought the death was because of accident or ill health. An X-ray during necropsy, however, revealed the pellet.

Investigators have determined the shooting happened on land held by the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, which prohibits hunting or trapping wolves on its territory but allows people to chase away or kill those creating a nuisance.

Because no rules were violated, the park service won’t try to identify the shooter, reported AP.

It appears this situation gets filed under unfortunate and probably, because of circumstances, unpreventable.