Permit explained

To the Journal editor:

After more than three years of building one of the world’s most modern, safe and environmentally protective mines, Eagle Mine later this year will start producing nickel and copper used for making many everyday items we depend on.

Today, roughly 700 employees and contractors are reporting to the project every day to make this happen, and over 300 people will be employed during operations in coming years.

As production nears, our systems continue to monitor and protect the environment. At the heart of this effort is our water treatment plant, which has been effectively treating water for over two years.

The plant ensures that water coming into contact with mining activities is treated before it’s returned to the environment. In addition, the mill site also has a water treatment plant. Many people may have seen the plant going up just to the south of US41 near M95.

Every five years state regulators require Eagle to obtain a new permit for this system to make sure that permit requirements align with current regulations and technology. Eagle has prepared and submitted a new permit application to state regulators for review.

The application includes information that reflects the pre-mining water conditions recorded over the last decade. Most importantly, the new permit will maintain the high standards set in the original permit, and the water quality will not be lowered.

Permits typically are written in technical terms for the engineers and technicians that have to use them. That’s why we’ve included a Water Questions page on our website to cover the questions we’ve received from the community in easy to understand terms. You’ll find it at

Also, the Superior Watershed Partnership independently validates Eagle’s performance as part of their Community Environmental Monitoring Program. This monitoring is over and above the monitoring that Eagle completes under its permits. You can learn more at

In June Eagle will resume our public mine tours, which have been packed over the past three years. Whether you’ve taken the tour before and would like to see our progress, or you’re looking to make your first visit, we are pleased to invite you to come and learn firsthand about the mine and our approach. We’ll announce tour dates and times in the next several weeks.

On this topic or any other, we welcome your questions and comments. Please call our Community Hotline at 906-339-7150 or email

Dan Blondeau

Communications and

Media Relations

Lundin Mining Corp.