Just a wee bit of the Irish

ISHPEMING – Matt DeWitt might be only a wee bit Irish, but that hasn’t kept St. Patrick’s Day from becoming one of his favorite holidays.

“I am partially (Irish) on my dad’s side,” DeWitt said. “I’m a little bit of a lot of other things, too, but the Irish part is fun to latch on to.”

The fondness for St. Patrick’s Day also is there for his wife, Becky, who’s not a bit Irish at all.

In fact the two – who met in early 2005 – married on March 17, back in 2006. They even served corned beef and cabbage to the guests at their wedding reception.

“Most of the guests enjoyed our theme,” Matt said. “For those who don’t like or didn’t want to try it, we offered a vegetarian lasagna option.”

Choosing St. Patrick’s Day as a wedding date was easy, Becky said.

“We are both social people and loved the idea of having our anniversary on a day when there’s already a party going on every year,” she said.

The DeWitts – owners of Brogie’s Tavern in Ishpeming that opened in September 2012 – have some St. Patrick’s Day traditions, but one they won’t be able to follow this year.

“In the past seven years, we always made a point to kick off our celebration at Hickey’s Bar in Ishpeming, because I was a bartender there for several years in my 20s and I really loved the place,” Becky said. “We’re going to miss that this year.”

Hickey’s Bar was destroyed by fire in November after 72 years in the Ishpeming community.

The DeWitts will be seeing green for the holiday.

“As it comes to St. Patrick’s Day decorations, we have gifts that were given to us and memorabilia from the wedding that is displayed in our home all year around,” she said. “The bar is decorated with all kinds of shamrocks and other green tchotchkes.”

Brogie’s St. Patrick’s celebration started Friday night with a visit from the local band The Hozz. It continued with traditional and contemporary Irish music on Saturday.

“Sunday and (today), Danz O’McCracken (Danzo McCracken any other time of the year), who is a little bit of Irish himself, will take to the stage,” Matt DeWitt said. “He will play a wide variety of drinking songs to help us all get in the proper St. Patrick’s Day spirit.”

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