Count your blessings

To the Journal editor:

My last editorial was about the cold weather freezing water lines, etc. It’s really not bad compared to what’s going on in our world.

The unrest in the Ukraine, people dying for freedom from a corrupt government. Also Syria still a mess many being killed. Even in our side of the world in Venezuela the people don’t have enough food in the stores.

In Africa many are without food, water, etc. Lots of turmoil in many places. It’s not what I call a peaceful world. Hopefully we in the U.S. can be somewhat thankful for many things we take for granted . Such as lots of food at many grocery stores. Most of us have decent homes and clothes to wear.

Plus many services provided by city, state and government agencies. Just think about it, turn on your faucet and you have water, being able to have an inside toilet, flip on a switch and on comes the lights and turn on your thermostat and our house warms up, how about phones of all kinds cell phone, line phones etc. also we can still feel safe walking around our city without someone shooting at us.

One has to take time to look at the big picture to realize how many blessings we have. Just remember to be grateful because you never know when things could change.

The new threat could be that enemies can attack our powergrid possible to knockout our entire electrical power supply in the U.S.

Its been talked about on the news. I see it as a lot more dangerous world then years ago. So remember to be thankful for things being ok for now. Once the cold passes by and spring comes along watch for the green grass the birds that return for summer leaves on the trees and the warmer weather time to get out and enjoy the beauty of the U.P. of Michigan. We still have it here but you never know if it will stay this way.

In conclusion be thankful to God, one day at a time. I count my blessing while I can.

Thank you

William Maki