I have fond memories of dentists

I started going to Dr. Jamieson’s orthodontic office when I was 7 years old and very recently, I went to my last “official” appointment. I am done with braces and other appliances, but I still wear a retainer to keep my amazing smile that I could not have gotten without the hard work and care of the outstanding staff at Jamieson Orthodontics.

When I was told that I did not need to go back again unless my retainer breaks or something, nostalgia came over me. After all, I had spent nine years of my life going there and they made me feel at home when I was there.

When it was my turn to start going there, nine years ago, I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect and I, most likely, expected the worst.

For example, I thought I would have to get a tooth pulled. That did not actually happen. My first appointment was very comprehensive. I got x-rays done, pictures taken, and I got to know my orthodontist, Dr. Scott Jamieson.

My teeth were definitely messed up. Over the years I have had to get many appliances put in my mouth. At my consultation appointment, they told me that I would have to get an expander to widen my upper jaw, braces and of course, retainers after that.

All of that was not so bad, but the worst part was when I was told that I might need to get headgear. Even though I was told that I would only have to wear it at home, I was still freaking out. Fast-forward two years after that and it turned out that I did not need headgear. I could not have been more thankful.

When I was in middle school I ended up having both Dr. Jamieson and his son Jeff as my orthodontists -Jeff started working at his dad’s orthodontist office around that time. So, from then on, I was a patient to them both.

I have various funny stories about my appointments at Jamieson Orthodontics. Once when I was at Dr. Jamieson’s office to get my braces tightened, I remember walking into his office and the radio was on. When “Dr. Jeff,” as he’s affectionately known, came to my chair to check my teeth he started to rant about how he was starting to dislike Katy Perry’s overplayed song “Firework.” He also tried to get me to sing, but that didn’t happen. It’s possible that if he tried now, I would.

Another funny time was when one of his assistants was putting on my braces. She accidentally pressed a control on the station I was at and I was sprayed with water. I remember being too shy to mention it. It didn’t bother me too much and I am pretty sure that she was talking to my mom when that happened.

On a third occasion, I managed to bend the wires on my w-arch and my mom had to call Dr. Jamieson’s so that I could get that fixed. When I went there, I remember him joking with me and saying, “Did you kiss your boyfriend?”

Jamieson Orthodontics is a great place and they have a terrific staff. They are all wonderful people I am so glad I got braces. I love my smile, even though I kind of had to go through a lot to achieve it. I owe it all to them.

Editor’s note: GlenEllen Lehmberg, 16, is a junior at Marquette Senior High School. She is a long time member of 8-18 Media and is also involved in dance and youth theatre in her spare time. Her parents are Paul and Z.Z. Lehmberg of Marquette.