Take responsibility

To the Journal editor:

Let’s explain who and what defines a Democrat in government now days. Most are Liberals, people who like to take money from some people and give it to others.

Not all, but a very large percentage of Democrats in the government are promoting people collecting money without working for it. This is a perfect fit. They also claim that Social Security is an entitlement.

I worked for 40 years paying into Social Security, only to have a big percent of it given to others that have never worked for it.

I can see it for people that are unable to work for one reason or another, however, too many are collecting Social Security that have never worked, will never work, do not want to work and would not take a job if it were offered.

Also, a lot of people who did work all of their lives and paid into it all of that time, never did get to claim it, or, at least very little. Probably 60 percent to 70 percent died before they ever collected Social Security.

I wonder where all that money went? Evidently into other areas being used to fund entitlements such as welfare, cell phones, Medicare, Medicaid, illegal aliens, pork barrel projects, etc. These are entitlements that should be coming out of taxes paid by everyone (including the all these government people) not Social Security Funds.

If it is mandatory for a worker to pay into Social Security to be able to claim on it, then why do the Democrats in the government consider it an entitlement?

An entitlement is something that is unearned but paid out from yours and my tax dollars, not from funds collected for a specific purpose like Social Security. Also, why do they think that you and I should pay more for our health care in increased premiums and deductibles to cover someone else?

Like many others, for all of the years I worked, we took less wages each contract to get better and more affordable health benefits so we could take care of ourselves.