Demars, Baldarari turn in table runs in NCMPL


In results from week 26, Sturgis Saloon II roughed up Happy Hour 13-2; Cascade Inn sank Throttle II, 12-3; Jack’s Hideaway II dumped American Legion II, 12-3; Cascade Inn II thumped Happy Hour II, 12-3; and Throttle bounced Gwinn Inn, 11-4.

Also, Cascade Inn III stopped Sturgis Saloon, 11-4; Jack’s Hideaway II doubled up Up North Lodge, 10-5; American Legion beat Crossroads Bar, 9-6; and Jack’s Hideaway edged VFW, 8-7.

Table runs were turned in by Brian Demars and Al Baldasari for wins.

Ishpeming Men’s Pool League

In week 7 of round 2, Jack’s II edged Rumorz III, 13-11; Venice crushed Rumorz I, 18-6; Tilden Club shaded Rumorz II, 13-11; Wonder Bar smacked Rainbow, 16-8; and Wayside nipped Hickey’s II, 13-11;.

In addition, Jack’s III trimmed Riverside, 13-11; Hickey’s I thumped Jack’s I, 14-10; and Paradise had the bye.

Jason Sartorelli and Tracy Leonard of Jack’s III, Jeff Talsma of Jack’s I and Tony Norem of Jack’s II all posted table runs.

Nick Roberts of Tilden Club recorded an 8-Ball break.

Final league standings from round 2:

Upper Division – First place, Hickeys 1; second place, Tilden Club.

Lower Division – First place, Wonder Bar; second place, Venice.