Impression left

To the Journal editor:

First, I want to thank all the staff at Marquette General Hospital. I don’t ever feel people show enough gratitude for the hospitality they receive while in care at a facility.

This past week, I had to have major back surgery. Sometimes one goes into a hospital, maybe with a little higher then expected, attitude that this is going to be a cake walk, in and out, nothing to it, right?

My surgery turned into a little more than expected. Besides being in the great care of Dr. Songer, the nursing staff at MGH was a shining example that every hospital should have. Thank you to everyone who came in contact with me, I’m forever grateful. Thank you to the special nursing staff and doctors that prayed along with me.

I didn’t even know people could do that in this day and age. God is so awesome to put just the right people in my path to calm my fears.

Jill Meadows