Evolving issue here

To the Journal editor:

On the March 2 Mining Journal Opinion page, a letter to the editor asked a few questions about evolution, in an letter titled “Science Defined.”

Some of the statements made showed a serious lack of understanding of where we are in evolutionary theory. For example stating that there are no transitional species fossils. Which is simply not true.

There are thousands. One need only open a science book to find them. One example would be the transition from the early horse Eohippus, which had four toes to the single toed foot of Equus. Fossils show that the transitional forms predicted by evolution do indeed exist.

As for the eye. It is clear that evolution is at work there. Pre Cambrian creature simply had none. Post Cambrian creatures developed a number of different sorts of “eyes” such as simple pit eyes in ancient snails to a larger number of photo receptive cells in planaria. No. Eyes did not just spring into being fully formed and attached to the brain. (Some jellyfish have eyes, but no brains.)

The path of evolution is clear. And accepted science. I’m not sure why many Christians are so adamant that evolution does not work.

When it clearly does. I also don’t understand why evolutionary theory and religious belief should be at odds. Couldn’t God have created evolution? My personal beliefs aside, evolution is a fact of nature. The evidence is clear. One need only look for it.

Kenton Potila