My ‘second’ mother will be missed

Two weeks ago two of my best friends, Andrew and Jessi, lost their mother and mother-in-law, respectfully. Her name was Marianne and she lost her battle to cancer.

Even though I didn’t get to see Marianne much, when I was around her, not only did she take care of her son and his wife, she took care of all of their friends as well. I still remember the first time I met Marianne. My boyfriend at the time and I got in a fight and broke up that day. To this day I can’t tell which boyfriend it was or what our fight was about, but I do remember the kindness that Marianne and her husband showed me that day.

Andrew and Jessi had found me crying in my dorm room as they were getting ready to leave for lunch with Andrew’s family. To get me out of the dorm and as an attempt to cheer me up I was invited out to lunch by Marianne and my friends. I was a last minute addition to the party, but there was no problem making room at the table for me, and Marianne made me feel like I was part of the family.

We ate at The Landmark Inn and after eating they had signed up to take a group tour of the haunted rooms and hotel. I again got invited on this adventure as if I was just part of the group.

Everyone was very friendly and nice to me. They tried their best to include me and make me feel like one of the kids. Now I don’t know if they knew what was going on with me that day, because I did get up from lunch at one point because I needed to be alone for a few minutes, but when I came back it was a completely different atmosphere.

Whether or not they all knew how I felt it doesn’t matter. The fact that the only thing I can remember from that day is how Marianne treated me like one of her own kids and how much better I felt by the end of the day is just one of the reasons that I will miss her greatly.

The last time I saw her was this past summer. Back then she was getting around pretty well, but you could tell that walking up just a short flight of stairs was difficult. But that didn’t wipe the smile off her face for one second while she was spending time with her son, daughter-in-law and their five friends. It was a warm day, so we went to the beach for a while before heading to Aubree’s for dinner. It was a really nice day for me because I hadn’t seen Andrew and Jessi in a while and it had been even longer since I had seen Marianne.

I know Marianne will never be forgotten and she will always be missed by many, especially her family. I’m definitely upset that she was taken way too soon, but I’m glad her suffering is over. Wherever she may be I hope she’s happy. I will never forget you Marianne.