High price cited

To the Journal editor:

(Here are) some questions I have had …

How is it that all of Marquette County will not be impacted by by a fleet of truck traffic traveling from and returning to the proposed Eagle Mine site? No matter.

A bypass or any other road plan unless there are fewer other vehicles, which there may be, as citizens move away-increased traffic is that, increased traffic.

How is it that venting from the proposed Eagle Mine site sans filter will not impact air quality?

How is it that extractions from a sulfide ore body will not impact water here and all over? Water, being fluid, cannot be controlled to an area.

Imagine how future generations will respond to a needlessly, increasing toxic environment.

“We set up a hierarchy where money represents the only index of a person’s value and participation in the good things of our culture.” – Christopher Manes

Everything comes with a price, including money or promised money.

In science speak, currently very popular, a law of the universe informs us. For every action, there is a reaction.

Rosa Musket