Money unwanted

To the Journal editor:

High school students, nine through 12th grade, in the Upper Peninsula, rejected the opportunity to compete in the Annual American Legion Oratorical Scholarship Competition.

Winner in the Upper Peninsula Competition would be guaranteed at least $800 as a runner-up in the state competition, 1st place is $1,500, with potential of $18,000 in national competition.

Requirement of competition is speaking on the constitution of the United States, between 8- to-10-minutes and an additional 3 minutes about one of four selected amendments.

Students can compete annually for all four years while in high school, unless winning national competition. Awards will be held in escrow till registered for college.

Imagine, a 9th grader being the only person to compete four years in a row, could be awarded at least $3,200 for college by 12th grade, just by talking for 13 minutes a year.

George Maciejewski

Education and Scholarship

Committee Zone 5

Veterans Serving Veterans