Wandels’: Providing solutions for all water challenges

Negaunee -Imagine turning on your faucet at home only to find murky, sediment laden, black water coming out. That surprise belonged to Negaunee resident Ed G. just a few months ago.

Ed contacted Wandels’ Water Care for a no cost water analysis. Owner Dan Wandel tested the water on site and offered Ed a customized solution using a water conditioner and select filters that provided problem free water for their residence. “Our water quality is better than it ever was with the water softener at its best. The water is much cleaner and even the water pressure is superior to what it was before our well issues.” commented Ed.

Helping Upper Peninsula residents with problem water issues is what this family owned and operated company has been about for over 12 years. The water business runs deep in the family’s history, as co-owner Sarah Wandel’s father and previous owner Richard Kaat, has over 40 years of experience in the water conditioning business. He is still a water consultant for Wandels’ Water Care. Two of Sarah’s sisters and nephew also work at the company.

The business was originally run by R. G. Kaat Enterprises of Bruce Crossing and Negaunee. In November 2012 with Dan and Sarah Wandel taking over the business, the change was made to carry the Appleton, Wisconsin based WaterCare product line, thus the transition to Wandels’ WaterCare.

Wandels’ is very excited about the switch to WaterCare. One of the key benefits with Water Care is everything the company makes is designed, manufactured and assembled in America. “WaterCare is as local of a company as possible,” said Wandel. “We’re proud to partner with a truly American made, family-owned and operated company that is constantly innovating and passionate about what they do.”

Wandel said the products are a great fit for many reasons, including a five-year warranty on equipment, arguably the best control valve and head in the industry, immediate factory support, and the products are specially designed to fit the unique needs of the Upper Peninsula’s problem water.

“The equipment is geared for the water issues we have here,” he said. “With the newer media blends and patented technology WaterCare offers, we can often put out one piece of equipment, instead of two or three pieces, which leads to savings in salt, maintenance, water use and initial investment. If someone has problem water, we are the local specialists serving the central and western Upper Peninsula. We excel in sediment, iron, tannin (colored) water treatment, and also have units specifically designed for municipal water supplies. We soften hard water along with tackling sulfur related egg smells and manganese related odors.”

All these features have already proven to be valuable to the company. “We have no regrets at all. It’s been a very positive experience switching to a true American made product line. The customer feedback from the WaterCare products has been wonderful,” Wandel said.

Today, Wandels’ WaterCare continues to offer a wide variety of water services to central and western U.P. residents. Services include water softeners, iron and odor filtration systems, sediment filters, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, in-line filters, bottled water coolers, point-of-use coolers, replacement parts and filters, bottled water and cup delivery, and salt delivery. They not only provide residential and commercial sales, but also offer service on all brands of water treatment equipment.

The company has a team of eight people providing service to the area. “We are always willing to answer water related questions, and provide complimentary in home water tests for our local residents, and on site testing for businesses. Nobody should ever hesitate to contact us, we enjoy our line of work and look forward to hearing from people.” said Wandel.

Wandels’ Water Care can be contacted by phone at (906) 827-3930 or toll free at (877) 655-0700. Please feel free to stop by their booth A073 and A074 at the U.P. Builders show this Friday through Sunday at the Superior Dome in Marquette for more information and plenty of cold, refreshing water samples. Wandels’ can also be reached via email at info@wandelswatercare.com, or on the Internet at wandelswatercare.com.

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