Ad is misleading

To the Journal edirtor:

Americans for Prosperity is running a television ad on our local televisionstation with a testimonial from a lady named Julie Boonstra from Dexter, Mich. Her story is that her insurance did not meet the new Affordable Health Care Act standards and so was canceled at the end of last year.

She has leukemia and wanted to keep her oncologist, oral chemotherapy and insurance plan. Her worry was that without the chemotherapy she would die. How could anyone not sympathize with her situation?

Well, there is really good news for Ms. Boonstra. According to an interview she gave to the Detroit News on Jan. 28, Ms. Boonstra found a Blue Cross health care plan on the website. The new plan premium is $571 per month while her old plan was $1,100 per month.

Plus the plan covers her medication and the same oncologist from the University of Michigan that she feels so confident in. Her cost per doctor’s visit went up from $20 to $50 dollars but when she reaches the deductible for all out of pocket costs she will then pay nothing!

Ms. Boonstra is still annoyed that she has to do the paperwork differently than she used to. However, a good thing about the Affordable Healthcare Act is that she can’t be dropped from her plan and she can change plans at the next enrollment period without being denied for a pre-existing condition. I know this experience, firsthand.

Maybe Americans for Prosperity will update us with this information so we can thank our Senators and Representatives who voted for this Affordable Health Care act that is helping so many people that were not able to have insurance before its passage.

By the way, this can be found by Googling Ms. Boonstra’s name or going directly to the Detroit News website.