Science defined?

To the Journal edirtor:

Yahoo News recently reported that “space dust” contains two essential components for life (chemical constituents for DNA and amino acids). So, of course, this indicates that life itself may have come here from outer space. Personally, I would not conclude that since many meteorites are composed of iron, the first automobiles probably fell from the sky!

Evolutionary science has been picking away at the “evidence” for quite some time now, and it seems to me that this so-called science, which so loves its millions of years magic formula, is also fond of hiding behind the years and years it takes to uncover the proof they’ve been looking for, you know, a feather imprint here, a newly discovered species there.

Or some ugly dude’s skull that they claim is a monkey’s uncle. But hey, science takes time. And in this case, the more time the better. If we could only find those bones! Just one “transitional species”!

I have a better idea. As an ignorant Christian and official member of the Flat Earth Society, I hereby absolve science of the burden of proof to support its design-by-chance theory of evolution and please, just make something up!

Try to invent some scenario wherein all of the interdependent working parts of the human eye accidently and spontaneously form at the same instant, while its operations incredibly coincide with the brain structures and processes needed to support it. Or simpler yet, maybe you could spin me a yarn about how nature might create an inanimate piston that has no valves to feed it, no cylinder to fire in, no crankshaft to turn, and no wheels to drive?

And tell me why it would survive for the next million years, waiting for the other interdependent parts to appear non-miraculously and by accident?

If life could happen by blind, dumb chance then why haven’t our best minds and computers figured out how to do it yet? Please, just forget all the study and investigation, along with the nice, convenient, comfortable years it takes to get nowhere, and make something up!

Even given absolute freedom of fantasy, I’m betting it’s too complicated and miraculous to justify with any accidental story line you can dream of. Go ahead, try it. Fill in all the details and let me know.

What kind of science can’t see the evidence of design in all of this? One blinded by pride.