Always remember safety comes first in festivities

St. Patrick’s Day may be two-plus weeks away, but the end-of-winter parties are getting started as early as this weekend.

The countdown to Mardi Gras is nearing its final bell and many revelers will take to their favorite watering holes tonight to get in on some early at-home Mardi Gras fun.

We just want to remind everyone to be safe with a few pre Fat Tuesday tips:

Never drink and drive. Designate a driver to get to and from a night of fun. If you can’t get a designated driver, call a cab if you’ve had anything to drink.

Set a “party safe” limit for how many drinks you’re going to have and stick to it.

Pace yourself or take your time while you’re drinking. The average body can metabolize about one beer, one glass of wine or one mixed drink per hour.

Dress for the weather. Just because you want to look your best once you hit the scene doesn’t mean you won’t need a coat, and something to cover your ears and hands between locations.

And lastly, have fun. That’s why you’re out celebrating in the first place.