Cause supported

To the Journal editor:

Folks from across the county packed the Ore Dock’s community space last week for The Marquette Love Show, a huge event with dancers, bands, singers, artisans and more.

We at Save the Wild U.P. are deeply honored to be the recipients of over $800 raised from the event. To further encourage the work of young people making the Upper Peninsula a better place, we’re dedicating this donation to our Summer Fellowship Program to educate a new generation of leaders engaged in community empowerment.

Events like this are truly what saving the wild U.P. is all about – people coming together to celebrate our beautiful lakes, lands, and culture, the setting for our local businesses, musicians, and artists, and other who make this such a special place.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Kira Treloar of Ishpeming and Anna Dravland of Negaunee for the countless hours they put into this special night, the dozens of people who participated in the event, and everyone who came out to share the love. Thank you!

Alexandra Thebert

Executive director

Save the Wild U.P.