Treat customer well

To the Journal editor:

Over the last six months or so, my family has eaten out at different fast food restaurants in Marquette County, what we have experienced is amazing.

More often then not, the order is wrong in some manner. Each time I call, they apologize and give something free in return. It is nice that they do this, but I would rather take my food home and enjoy it without aggravation. I wonder if it is happening to my family, how many other families experience the same.

Customer service is in great decline, but as a business it is the most important aspect of your business that you need to get right. It must be a major migraine to business owners that there are some employees that just do not get it.

I picked up pizza at a local pizza shop within the last two weeks, when I pulled into the parking lot what did I see a competitors delivery driver delivering pizza to the workers at that place, that made me almost decide to go to the competitors place if there pizza was that good.

What employees need to understand is if you cannot get customer service right, how can you be expected to get the rest of your job correct.

Remember in business everyone you come in contact with is a customer whether it is external or internal, each deserves great customer service and each should expect it.

Daniel Niemi