Thanks, officials!

To the Journal editor:

I think most people are getting tired of the extreme cold weather might even break the record of 70 or 80 days not above 32 degrees. Anyway I had my water lines freeze a few days ago.

And many more reports of frozen water lines all over the city. After two days, I got my water back on thanks to a great bunch of workers from the Marquette city water department. They really worked hard to see that I got my water back on.

Just remember to be thankful for the good service we all receive from all the employee’s working for the city of Marquette.

Snow plow drivers, police, fire departments, sheriff, light and power, etc. They keep things going for us citizens no matter what the weather is and many overtime hours put in.

So remember to let city officials know and send a big thanks to all those working to keep us with the comforts in our homes and security in our city. You don’t realize until you lose water, electricity, heat, etc. how fortunate we are to have the modern convenient things such as inside toilets, running water, washers, dryers, etc.

I was raised up where we had outhouses, wood stoves, and no running water. But we did OK. Didn’t have to worry about things breaking down. Plus we grew our own food, had pigs, chickens and canned fruits and vegetables.

Anyway it was a different time so have to live with the modern stuff and hope we can keep everything running so far so good but never know what the future holds. At 74 years of age, I don’t have to worry too much.

As I’ve always stated my next place is with the Lord in his kingdom and it will surpass anything Earth has to offer. Thank you.