Campaign needs help

To the Journal editor:

The United Way of Marquette County is asking for everyone’s help in order to reach this year’s goal of $425,000. The United Way is currently at 85 percent of its goal. One of the reasons for this decrease over the same time last year is due to significant reduction of employees at some of the larger workplaces.

Employee pledges, particularly payroll deduction pledges, make up 95 percent of the campaign totals, so when those numbers are down, so is the campaign. Also, most of the workplaces do not invite their retirees to continue to participate in the giving campaign and they tend to drop out of the donor pool, unless they notify us that they are retiring.

This year there are 29 member agencies which will potentially be sending in requests for funding for up to $20,000 each to provide important services for the people of Marquette County.

This is in addition to all of the pledges that are designated to go to specific agencies.

That money goes directly to the agencies and does not get added to the pot of money to grant out. These agencies provide programs that help in the areas of basic needs (emergency food, clothing, shelter, etc), health programs and assistance, elderly and adults with disabilities and youth programs.

The United Way welcomes donations of any size to help toward the goal. No amount is too small because, like snowflakes, each one is almost weightless, but when there are enough it becomes very heavy. Every dollar raised here, stays here, so please consider helping a little extra this year to help your friends and neighbors in Marquette County. It’s easy to help. Checks may be sent to the United Way at P. O. Box 73 in Marquette, or by calling in a pledge at 906-226-8171. Or stop into our office in Lakeview Arena. We love to meet our donors.

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far. It couldn’t be done without the generosity of the wonderful people in Marquette County.