Tadych’s Econofoods system hacked

MARQUETTE – Tadych’s Econofoods in Marquette announced today between Jan. 8 and and Feb. 17 that various customers’ credit card and/or debit card information may have been compromised and obtained by an unauthorized person or criminal network, according to a company press release distributed to area media. Individual card numbers and expiration dates may have been accessed but not the cardholder’s name, address, Social Security number or any other identifying information.

The press release stated that the threat was contained and security upgrades were put into place immediately. The local authorities have been contacted, as well as area banks, credit unions and credit card companies.

Only Tadych’s Econofoods in Marquette was compromised, the press release stated. The remaining five Tadych’s Econofoods stores were not affected by this security breach.