MSHS musicians earn medals

MARQUETTE – Marquette Senior High School band and orchestra students who participated in the Solo and Ensemble Festival in Escanaba recently all earned medals, which means they were rated in the top two categories out of a possible five..

The following soloists earned superior ratings: Jeanette Adams, Jessica Barber, Dillon Bennetts, Ona Dalman, McKinleigh Claffey, Eliza Compton, Gabe Clement, Hailey Donohue, Grace Feliz, Mallory Grugin, Grace Harrington, Aubrie Jacobson, Anna Janowski, Julia Janowski, Piersan Kimmes, McCall Kochevar, Lucas LaFave, Anne Ludwig, Garett Lewis, Irja Maki, Kelsey Matthews, Olivia Mattocks, Jordan Mohr, Anna Morrison, Andrea Olson, Caroline Reynolds, Jessica Robyns, Adam Smith, Aspen Talsma, Maddie Touchinski, Perry Truscon and Ricky Vermeulen.

The following ensemble members earned superior ratings:, Jeanette Adams, Megan Armstrong, Hannah Bulinski, McKinleigh Claffey, Eliza Compton, Nora Gaffney, Noah Gannon, Mallory Grugin, Emma Kaznowski, Piersan Kimmes, Lucas LaFave, Shane Langlois, Irja Maki, Olivia Mattocks, Dawson McKenzie, Jordan Mohr, Chelsea Morin, Abby Potts, Caroline Reynolds, Madison Rieboldt, Nathan Rotundo, Sophie Shahbazi, Cera Shelafoe, Adam Smith, Rashna Syed, Aspen Talsma, Maddie Touchinski, Perry Truscon, Ricky Vermeulen and Maitri White.

The following soloists earned an excellent rating:, Bethany Wright, Patrick Bulinski, McKinleigh Claffey, Gabe Clement, Sean Hausmann, Mikayla Matthews, Elissa Neaves, , The following ensemble members earned an excellent rating:, Chandler Bur, Gabe Clement, Kelsey Matthews, Michael Mlsna and Perry Truscon.