Reason, logic needed

To the Journal editor:

This letter is in response to a recent lawsuit filed by a coalition of groups including Keep Michigan Wolves Protected, asking a federal judge to rule that Michigan’s requirement that petition circulators be Michigan residents is an unconstitutional restriction on First Amendment rights.

The lawsuit has been criticized by many who cite the groups for not playing fair. It appears a phobia of sorts has developed as of late, regarding the idea that outside interests are controlling in-state policies.

Though clearly we don’t live in a “mitten and upper-hand shaped bubble,” ideological influences continuously cross state boundaries in the form of information, financial assistance, and physical support. Much, if not all of this activity seems to be supported by our First Amendment rights to free speech, including the ability of individuals/ groups to donate money to political campaigns.

In the end, legislative activity in Michigan is solely in the hands of Michigan voters. Unfortunately the mistrust that has developed among citizens with their elected officials has now come full circle, as elected officials look to limit the Constitutional power of citizen based initiatives and referenda.

What is the harm of this woman coming to Michigan to support the ideals of like-minded individuals? Indeed, it was the Freedom Riders that crossed into the segregated South of 1961 that helped form the backbone of the civil rights movement.

At the end of the day, though states’ rights are extremely important, we are still the United States of America. And this notion of fairness? With all due respect, fairness lit out the bathroom window of politics’ apartment a long time ago. Our best hope now is to rely on leaders that exhibit qualities of reason and logic, with a sprinkle of common sense.

Those that resist it, are an obstruction to our future.

Adam Robarge