Run of frigid temps one for the record books — literally

Bust out the hot coffee and thermal socks – we just broke a 35-year-old record for the number of consecutive days when the high temperature was below freezing.

The record was previously set Feb. 22, 1979 after 72 consecutive days of miserable, cold, below freezing weather.

On Sunday, we hit day number 73.

It’s certainly been a cold year, and boy have we felt it. Hundreds of area homes currently have water running to help keep pipes from freezing and water main breaks have been plaguing municipal public works for weeks. Area heating businesses have had their hands full keeping up with the extra calls for broken furnaces.

Local auto places have towed countless vehicles and jumped any number of cars with dead batteries. Local school children have already gone over their allotted six snow days, though this year it seems they should all be called cold days.

And it’s still only Feb. 17.

But we’re Yoopers right? A little cold and snow doesn’t faze us. While other communities in the country make headlines for a few inches of snow and below zero temperatures causing massive, city-wide shutdowns, we just throw another ladle-full of water on the rocks and call it a Monday.

Though, this winter has been harder than most, as the record signifies. We’re lucky here to have the experience and the equipment to deal with freezing cold and tons of snow. As the national media shows, most other places just can’t handle it.

So here’s to a hearty – albeit winter weary – community and the hope that this frosty record isn’t broken again for another 35 years.