BMS musicians perform well

MARQUETTE – Bothwell Middle School orchestra and band students all earned medals at the Solo & Ensemble Festival held in Escanaba recently.

Students participating from band earned 16 first place ratings and one second place rating. Orchestra students earned 23 first place ratings and 13 second place ratings. Ratings go from first to fifth.

Band and orchestra students receiving first ratings performing solos included Lindsey Baldwin, Eric Banitt (trumpet & violin), Clara Biolo-Thompson, Hala Buchler, Alexis Carriere, Alex Gilliam, Elli Johnson, James Johnson, Hope Kaukola, Nathan LaCelle, Eden Langlois, Karen Ludwig, Megan Ludwig, Julian Malherbe, Marlee Matthews, Rachel Mellin, Seth Potts, Sydney Rehmann, Charlie Ruuska, Cameron Saari, Clara Smith, Kiah Staley, Thomas Truckey, Nico Vermaat, Roni Wiese and Becca Yates.

Band and orchestra students receiving second ratings on Solos included Grace Argeropoulos, Chloe Hale, Molly Lawton, Ethan Leonard, Olivia Lubig, Jenna Miller, Kira Olson, Alyssa Sheltrow and Ry Swaty.

Orchestra and Band students receiving first ratings in ensembles included Eric Banitt, Hala Buchler, Faith Campbell, Amelia Cole, Ali Diedrich. Lillian Evonich, Graden Golisek Sam Goodwin, Thomas Griffith, Chloe Hale, Claudia Hale, Grace Hoult, Ali Johnson, Elli Johnson, Jake Johnson, Eden Langlois, Karissa Langsford, Ethan Leonard, Rachel Mellin, Jenna Miller, Seth Potts, Eric Puskala, Sydney Rehmann, Alyssa Sheltrow, Clara Smith, Megan Snively, Kiah Staley, Sabrina Stanley, Ry Swaty, Morgan Waite, Becca Yates and Thayer Yates.

Orchestra students receiving second ratings in ensembles included Laura Beckman, Summer Gill, Will Guter, Jordyn Jacobson, Ashley Kaiser, Misha Martyanov, Jenna Miller, Colleen O’Donnell, Aidan Pascoe, Kylie Pepin, Carly Sandstrom, Anna Spehalski, Emma Stahl, Beau Zorza.