City crew lauded

To the Journal Editor:

As all too frequently happens, those who deserve public thanks never receive them. I’m writing today to make sure that does not happen in my case.

We’ve all heard and read about how the prolonged “polar vortex” (what we in the Upper Peninsula refer to as a pleasant winter day) has affected the water mains and supply lines in the city of Marquette and elsewhere.

Frost levels sink and water lines and mains freeze or break. Unfortunately, I experienced that first hand on Feb. 3. The supply line to my house froze and I discovered that I was without water. I called the water treatment plant’s after-hours number and the technician was genuinely sympathetic and, at the same time, helpful. He told me what to do, what to expect, and where to get water to hold me over until the work crews could get to my name on the list.

On Feb. 4, Bruce and his crew arrived and got to work. Bruce (I only wish I had gotten his last name) outlined my options (and possible costs), explained what he and his crew were going to do, and began to tackle the problem.

A little over an hour later, I had water. Bruce then explained what I had to do in case the freeze returned, checked my house one more time to make sure all was in order, and departed for the next service call.

During the entire time, Bruce and his crew were courteous, helpful, hard-working, and friendly. Each introduced himself to me, gave me a little bit of history about freeze-ups in my neighborhood, shared the history of service calls to my address, and made sure I had all of my questions answered.

Congratulations to the entire Marquette water department crew and thank you for a job well done.