Fat vs. thin cats

To the Journal editor:

Many fellow Americans are hungry, homeless, desperate, but they’re deemed selfish for turning to meager governmental aid as a last resort.

Their work has been outsourced overseas, their savings were decimated by financial gamblers, and part-time substitute employment for an hourly $7.25 isn’t anything anyone can get by on.

Decency dictates that we demand justice, beginning with an extension of unemployment benefits for our jobless, a reversal of cruel food assistance cuts affecting millions (including children and veterans), and a federal minimum wage that doesn’t outrageously trail the official poverty rate.

Finally, let’s correct the propaganda untruth that rich people are the makers and we’re the takers. Except for the wealth that typical folks under paid, benefit-bereft labor produces fat cats that would be pretty slim.

They’d be driving regular cars, not getting chauffeured about in limousines.