Feel the love

MARQUETTE – Kira Treloar is aiming to bring some warmth to what has been a brutally cold winter in the Upper Peninsula.

She has organized an event called The Marquette Love Show. It’s taking place from 7 to 11 p.m. Tuesday at the Ore Dock Brewing Co. on Spring Street in Marquette.

“The event is going to raise money for Save the Wild U.P., but more importantly I am hoping to bring the Marquette community together in a magical way, through art and music,” Treloar said in an email.

A $5 cover is suggested but not required. All proceeds will be donated to Save the Wild U.P.

“I moved back to Marquette a few months ago and have been blown away by the incredible amount of talented artists and musicians that bless this community,” Treloar said. “The art scene was definitely not this established when I left here six years ago.

“Once I made the decision to plan the love show everything just fell into place. I would talk to people about the talent here in Marquette and they would proudly list off so many artists-musicians-dancers that they felt would be interested to participate,” Treloar said. “I used Facebook to contact a lot of the people, went to music shows, talked to some wonderful ladies over at The Marquette Arts and Culture Center, and just kept following leads until I had a full line up of talent. Everyone was just so helpful, open and supportive. I love this Marquette community.”

The event is being billed as “semi-formal” with attendees encouraged to dress up a bit.

Those attending indeed will enjoy an evening from a number of artistic avenues, including music, dancing, an art display and a fashion show.

The music will be offered by Not Quite Canada, Arsenal Ten, Troy Graham and Bedrooms & Basements.

Dancers at Tuesday night’s event will be Maggie Barch, Alesia Maki, Beladinas and Random Acts of Art.

Local artists to be showcased are Roslyn McGrath, Lisa Kupfer, Ryan Dalman, Amy Conover, Victoria Walther, Austin Gatz, Justin Savu, Zachary Schneider, Colleen O’Hara, Allen Finau, Jenny Frein, The Moonstone Gallery and Treloar herself.

A fashion show featuring local designers – with hair and makeup by local salons – and tunes provided by Double Trouble DJs, with special guest emcees Loretta and Mercedes. The style show features Libby Buchler (Wooly Mama Clothing), Jeremy Symons (Yooper Shirts), Alexandra Zender, Studio 519 and Serendipty Salon.

“I came up with the idea during a meditation sitting next to Lake Superior,” said Treloar, an Ishpeming High School graduate. “It was truly through divine inspiration and I believe that is why it is all coming together so beautifully. Art and music are a reflection of the soul within the artist or songwriter and that is why they make people feel so connected, because we are all the same on the inside. We are all connected in some cosmic way, that none of us can truly comprehend.”

In addition to the artistic endeavors, the event will include several art giveaways throughout the night and a grand prize raffle at the end of the show.

Treloar is hoping the event triggers an outpouring of support for the artistic side of life in the Upper Peninsula.

“Throughout history, art and music have had the unique ability to change the world by bringing people together and reconnecting them,” she said. “I want this event to bring the all the amazing people of our Marquette community together in a loving, spiritual way, and more importantly, I want it to inspire more art in our community, more conscious living in the way of respect for our beautiful planet earth, and more love among community members of all walks of life.”

Renee Prusi can be contacted at 906-228-2500, ext. 253.