Take Sawyer off table

To the Journal editor:

In my wildest imagination I cannot believe K.I. Sawyer is being considered as a site for the new hospital and medical center.

Come on people! We senior citizens cannot always bother a relative, friend or neighbor to drive us out there, especially in the winter. I don’t use airlines so I’ve never even been out there.

Can you imagine patients who have two or three appointments in one week having to make that drive? Especially in ill health?

And what about people on chemo or dialysis?

Also, we citizens need more info from the powers that be. Is the Nelberg building and the new ER leaving? Enlarging the ER to be able to classify it as a Level II trauma was a waste of money.

I did the tour for the paramedics when it opened and there still is a corridor unused. But, panic set in after the towers went down in New York.

In closing, please take the K.I. Sawyer site off the table.

Verna Thompson