Mothers nominated

To the Journal editor:

A recent editorial spoke of nominations to the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame. Well I’d like to make one right here: Mothers!

That’s right Mothers, all Mothers! While appreciating the accomplishments of the women named in the editorial I would like to not only nominate but call attention to the accomplishments of all mothers.

First of all quite obviously without mothers none of us would be here! But I’d like to also note further the importance of our mothers from the perspective of their further roles in our lives.

First of all I would note that I have held some positions, accomplished a few things that had some seeming little importance in our society as well as working with and for some other individuals who have accomplished very many more and much more significant things.

But how does all this compare to what a mother does who first of all cooperates with God in bringing forth new life into the world and then is the principle person to raise that new life, to form that person’s personality, character and values?

Certainly nothing I’ve ever done or could do can compare with all that nor can the accomplishments of others no matter how distinguished they may seem to be. How very unfortunate it is then that our society has demeaned the role of the “stay at home mother!”

How much of that attitude and the response to it, has led to the horror of some 55 million babies being slaughtered since the advent of Roe v Wade 41 years ago? Where is the real satisfaction in any job then as opposed to the role of a mother?

How many of our societal ills are also related to the absence of a mother from the home as well as God from our schools? The drugs, the crime, the promiscuity, etc, etc. which instead then we try to create programs for or “throw money at” all ineffectively, to try to replace mother in the home?

Further isn’t it true as C.S. Lewis has said, “The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only and that is to support the ultimate career.”

So let’s give mothers their full due every day not just on a Mother’s Day and put them at the head of any Hall of Fame List and that would definitely include my wonderful wife, Barbara, who was a stay-at-home mom and raised four great children.