Help badly needed

To the Journal editor:

I am a parent of a disabled adult. I am 77-years-old and a widow.

I have taken care of my daughter for 47 years. She has had a good life with all her impairments. We love her and are willing to keep her at home as long as possible. We, as parents, have fought long and hard for the services our children had. This was an easy task for us. We fought for our respite care which we need desperately. The things that the younger parents have today. So parents stand up and fight for the services.

The state has money for other things but not the elderly and disabled. They have closed all our activity centers. Which they liked to socialize but gave them no place to gather and socialize with their friends. They are really isolated because of the privacy act. Last week I was informed that they would be cutting our respite for caregivers and I don’t know what else will be cut.

How can they treat these disabled this way? We haven’t received any information on this yet. they will just spring on us. We are willing to keep our children at home and this saves the state a lot of money.

Marlene Whitson