Nominees sought for MAPS honor

MARQUETTE – The inductees into the A. Felch Pendill Wall of Excellence are a varied lot: coaches, scientists, authors, philanthropists, teachers and an architect.

The inductees are all graduates of either Marquette Senior High School or Graveraet High School who were selected not just for success in their careers, but because they have demonstrated “acts of giving back ‘for the betterment of mankind,'” according to the Marquette Area Public Schools Education Foundation, which chairs the review committee for the honor.

Nominees are being sought for those who might be worthy of joining the wall, which physically is located at MSHS on the first-floor corridor.

“The Pendills had a pharmacy at the corner of Washington and Front streets,” said Thomas Baldini, foundation president. “They gave money to establish the Pendill Wall, but for a bit, it went dormant. That’s when the foundation picked it up.”

Foundation Treasurer Bob Mercure (a 1969 Marquette grad) has become the chairman of the wall committee.

“We’d like to see one inductee, at least, every year,” Mercure said. “We had fallen behind in recognizing. We’re sure there are people out there who deserve this honor. This is not a wall of fame, but a wall of excellence. We know people who have found success in their endeavors, and that’s good, but we are looking for people who have given back.”

Nominations for this year’s inductee, or inductees, are being accepted through Feb. 14. Anyone can make a nomination.

The nomination must be submitted in writing. Forms can be obtained at the district’s superintendent’s office, by calling 225-4200 or online at index.htm.

“People will come up to us (foundation board members) and say ‘so and so’ would be a great nominee. We hope they will go ahead and fill out the nomination form,” Mercure said. “Nominations can be made by spouses, by family members, by classmates, really by anyone.”

Baldini said: “We know there are outstanding individuals out there. We hope that people will make some nominations.”

Inductees have a plaque placed on the A. Felch Pendill Wall of Excellence and then the inductee or a family member receives a smaller version of the plaque to keep.

“Some people don’t want to brag about their kids,” Baldini said, smiling. “This is a chance to do that.”

Renee Prusi can be contacted at 906-228-2500, ext. 253.