Land lines needed

To the Journal editor:

Your emphasis in last Thursday’s article on legislation allowing telephone companies to drop land line service in Michigan seemed to be that seniors are the only ones who depend on land line phone service, wouldn’t know how to use cell phones and couldn’t find them, anyway.

We can and we do but our cell phone does not work at our rural residence near Skandia. Thus, our personal and small business land line services are vital to us. Legislative discussion seems to have overlooked other impacts: The cost of cell phone contracts is higher than land line service in many areas, adding expense to tight household budgets. Small businesses spend years building a customer base through advertising, including their land line contacts information. Even if rural small businesses and non-profit agencies could get reliable cell service, they would incur significant costs and possible loss of business and connections while they purchased new cell phone service, retooled and advertised new numbers.

Emergency service, current broadband access through land lines, Life Alert and other unanticipated disruptions and costs would occur. Who would benefit from this legislation? Not many citizens of the state, and certainly not of the U.P. Senate Bill 636 has passed the Senate and a House committee, will be voted on by the house and signed or vetoed by Gov. Snyder. This is bad legislation for many residents and businesses and good only for profit of a few service providers who apparently have the “ears” of many Michigan legislators.

Makes one wonder if our legislators are listening more to companies making campaign contributions than to the voters who elected them. Nah, not wondering!

Lynn M. Emerick