GOP plan needed

To the Journal editor:

After watching the State of the Union and the rebuttal, I wonder if others came away with the same impression.

First, the president suggested changing the tax code including raising revenue, spending more on road, ports improving CNG refueling stations, immigration reform, minimum wage, etc. The rebuttal amounted to we Republicans have a plan. It sounds to me as if they are saying trust me we have a plan but you’re not smart enough to understand so we Republicans are going to keep it a secret.

Representative Ryan was on TV suggesting we have cut our defense spending too much and our cuts in other areas were too small. Other areas like meals on wheels, pre-k eduction, reduced funding for research, and changing Social Security so it resembles a 401K, as examples. The last would be good for wall street but would it be good for the average individual?

When it comes to thinking the President can do no wrong I would suggest he is a politician. One glaring example is the President being in favor of the TPP the Pacific trade agreement that in my opinion would devastate the average worker.

As for Republicans, some out there may not know, but it only takes 51 votes in the Senate to pass most legislation. It only takes more then 51 votes if there is a filibuster.

While Obama has been President the filibuster has been used more than anytime in history. Just an opinion check it out. The House has passed many bills not being taken up by the Senate. How many of the House bills are clean, that is they do not include things that they know will not be taken up by the Democratic Senate?

Waiting to hear from others that can tell me some of the details of the Republican plan.