Child sex crime bill appropriate change in state statute

We support action taken by the Michigan House of Representatives, which voted recently to increase the penalties for soliciting sex from a minor.

The body made the offense a felony with a maximum penalty of five years in state prison. Currently, according to The Associated Press, the offense is a misdemeanor, carrying a maximum sentence of 93 days in the county jail.

The measure that was sent to the State Senate for consideration, was sponsored by Republican state Rep. Dalke Zorn of downstate Ida.

He said, and we concur, that children who are forced in the sex trade must be protected.

Republican Rep. Eileen Kowall of White Lake, who sponsored a similar measure, agreed.

She noted sexual exploitation “is unacceptable at any age, but it is particularly terrible for those children who are forced into prostitution.”

Crimes of any nature against children are heinous. Sex crimes are among the worst. We hope the bill quickly passes the State Senate and finds its way to Gov. Rick Snyder’s desk.