My cure for being sick? Vernors

In the past two months I’ve been sick twice with a horrible stomach ache, and the only cure for me was Vernors and some saltine crackers. Just like most Michiganders, if I’m sick I need ginger ale to feel better, and that ginger ale has been Vernors since I was a little kid. I got this habit from my mom, of course, because when she was little she also always had Vernors when she was sick or not feeling well. That mentality was passed on to me.

My mom and I do have some differences about the temperature of our Vernors. She likes it room temperature and I like it cold, so if we were both sick at the same time there had to be at least two different bottles of Vernors in the house.

Before I moved to the Upper Peninsula I never really knew that you couldn’t get Vernors all over the place. Before I moved to the U.P. I never really even thought twice about it. But then about three years ago that reality was shattered. I got sick while I was visiting people in Wisconsin and when I went to the store to get some Vernors, it was no where to be found. I went to four gas stations and three different stores and had no luck.

That wasn’t even there worst scare I had when it came to tracking down that wonderful brown liquid. The first time I was sick as a freshman at Northern Michigan University I went out to find Vernors for the first time up here. I went to the University BP first and made my way to all of the gas stations between campus and Walmart, as well as making a stop at Econo and I couldn’t find Vernors at any of those place. My last stop was Walmart. Walmart didn’t have any and I started to get really worried that I couldn’t get Vernors in the U.P. That’s when I decided to go to Target just for kicks and giggles even though I was starting to really doubt they had it.

Target was the first place I found Vernors in Marquette, and when I saw it sitting on the shelf there, it was like finding the Holy Grail for me. Obviously all of those places I went to do carry Vernors, but they just all happened to be out at the same time. I guess a lot of people were sick the same time I was and looking for the same cure.