What God wants

To the Journal editor:

I sometimes wonder what most people think. if they ever do think about, what is the purpose of life and for what purpose is a life. I guess as a Christian I think often about life for myself, my loved ones, all those I love and care about and that is many, and what is the meaning of it.

God made life and he is the beginning of life and the end of life down here on Earth, but the best part of life is that God wants you to have a relationship with him but you must learn to pray and talk to him.

Prayer is so important as I have learned. He listens and if it is his will he will answer but it has to be his will, not ours.

When I was in my car accident back in 1987 that left me in a coma for four months. God was still working through me and left me here to witness for him and how I love to witness for him and how I love to proclaim him and his mighty wonders he does through his people and it could be through a tragedy, which many people even if they are not Christian will call upon him, you always hear people when something happens say oh God, why did this happen instead of learning to just trust him and listening to him.

Of course he is a gracious God and will not push a person to accept him into their hearts which he is calling all to do but is waiting patiently for you to come to him.

I was just reading in one of the many devotionals I have that we are not just a number like we are to the government but he knows all of us by name and at the time of our leaving this earth to be with him in heaven he will be calling us by our name.

Job 7:7, Job 10:12, Proverbs 8:35, John 4:14 God gave us life and we are important to him so give your life to him for he is waiting for you with open arms.