Save U.P. instead

To the Journal editor:

Where are we going with this save the Upper Peeninsula wolf baloney. We keep hearing the same stories, their good for the ecosystem, good for what? killing and eating our cattle, sheep, dogs, cats, etc.

But tell us what good they’re for obviously nothing. Its time for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources wake up. This is another of their blunders, If we were to have a huge variety of game animals it might have worked, but now we are running out hence all the attacks on our tame animals. Lets not wait until it’s humans being attacked and eaten as in Canada and Alaska, like the school teacher, the hiker.

The group wanting all these wolves fails to mention this hunt approaching is not only for sport. A wolf pelt can bring up to $1,500 on the fur market where prices have soared for several years.

Where does the humane society fit in? Please explain what is humane about wolves eating these animals alive. How many of these animals have rabies or Pavo shots? Just think of the disease they can bring to our pets etc. it’s time for these animals to be controlled.

They do it in Canada and Alaska, do it here were we are already out of control. Just check India if you want to see what happens when wolves are not under control. Little children are the first attack by wolves and they kill and eat them then women and men. Let’s go back to what we had years ago.

Control wolves and coyotes. Save the U.P. not the wolves.

Bob Johnson