Safety always first

To the Journal editor:

It was just a matter of time and I’ve been patiently waiting and collecting the data and now the words put into the breach.

Complaints needed? On Feb. 9, 2013 the good Samaritan plowing the dog path was the start along with the “give trucks credit” March 18 and “they are every bit professionals,” coupled with my mailbox being knocked down by the impaired snowplow driver, who caught in the act, telling me he’d nail it back up and he owed me a post and neither was done.

Professional all right. There are many big truck accidents, some nearby, Escanaba with a death. Escanaba semi slams into viaduct and the gold medals goes to the Washington bridge collapses in May and the logging truck in West Virginia that collided with a train. The truck driver was killed.

I have respect for the big rigs and give them sway because they have the load, but don’t be trying to push me down the road.

We used to have the jake brake problem out here at K.I. Sawyer with trucks going to Potlatch. For some odd reason it stopped along with the hum from the boiler. Good neighbors.

I guess the key to the whole thing is being professional and doing your job the best you can do, like UPS. Tight ship for sure.

If you own a trucking company like Laidlaw or a construction company like Associated and your name is on the side, do you want some hot dog who wants to emulate the intimidator driving for you? Hell no.

You want Tinkerbell, you don’t even know she’s there and she’s good for all.