Residents warned about reported email scam

We’d like to pass along a warning about a potential scam involving email that apparently has hit some other states.

The original warning comes from the administrative wing of the Michigan Supreme Court, of all places.

As reported by The Associated Press for Friday’s editions, the State Court Administrative Office said that the email notice states that the recipient is accused of “illegal software use” or other offenses.

They instruct the recipient to download an attached “complaint” or click on a website link.

Apparently, the goal here is to get a virus or malware of some sort installed onto a computer.

State Court Administrator John A. Hohman Jr. told AP the scam has appeared in some other states. It hasn’t yet been reported in Michigan, yet being the operative word.

The court, according to AP, says such attachments shouldn’t be opened and such links shouldn’t be clicked.

We’d simply add that your local police department should be contacted, too.