Future beckons

To the Journal editor:

We are now into 2014. What will it bring? Many make new year’s resolutions but can they keep them? For me, I hope to keep on track and ask the Lord for guidance and try to do his will not mine.

That’s not easy, but very rewarding if you can. Its much different then following the way of the world. I hope for people to try that path. It would mean more compassion and thinking and helping those in need. Just think if our elected officials would try to do that the way it looks it could be the same as 2013.

Just gridlock nothing done to make things better for all people. Not just those who are well off. Change is not easy. You can’t always only want things your way. If you take the spiritual path and ask for God to help you it will work.

I know because the Lord helped me to be a better person. So I’ll pray for not only the U.S. but the world and hope that if we all want 2014 to be one of peace and well being for all then it will take not only myself but all people to love one another and try to make it a better place for all who are living on this planet called Earth.

Happy New Year to all.

William Maki