Kindness shown

To the Journal editor:

My husband and I would like to express our sincere appreciation to Mitch and Sharon Lazeren and the folks, especially Lowell, at Frei Chevrolet for the great kindness they showed us after our truck broke down Jan. 3.

We had just finished a delicious meal at Bonanza restaurant and our truck would not start. Mitch did all he could to help us, devoting many hours of his time. I was waiting in Bonanza at first, but when Mitch found out we had a little dog in the cold, below zero, truck, he and his wife Sharon had us wait in their house to keep warm.

The truck would not start and Mitch, himself towed Steve to the Frei Chevrolet garage so the truck could warm up. We thought it had a frozen gas line. The mechanics tried to start it many times throughout the evening with no luck. they let us leave the truck overnight, no problem. Steve picked it up the next day – no charge!!

Word cannot describe how grateful we are. The kindness, hospitality, and friendship shown to us, complete strangers. This was a miserable situation and you all carried us through it. We feel truly blessed. Thank you!

Steven, Andrea Ruotsala

Atlantic Mine